Citadel Information Services, Inc. is a professional consulting firm specializing in information systems utilizing state of the art technologies. Incorporated in 1992 with over 16 years of continued success, we have established a reputation of committed on time delivery of projects and have provided superior skilled staff members to supplement project resources to many of the Fortune 500 companies. We take great pride in our business relationships that have continued to prosper throughout our history and look forward to expanding our services with new clients.

We are a small business minority corporation. The roots of Citadel start with the desire and courage to build upon an entrepreneurial spirit and establish a service firm capable of meeting the needs of major corporations and the demands for never ending changes in technology. A relatively small firm for the first few years with a local presence in New York City , a significant milestone occurred in 1997 that would chart a different course for the company and open new horizons of business. A new corporate office was opened in New Jersey . New clients and new projects were on the forefront of the expansion and the company continued steady growth for the next few years. Citadel has now significantly increased the New York metropolitan client base, but is positioned to expand throughout the United States and internationally.

The Citadel headquarters is located in East Brunswick , NJ with an additional office in Columbus , Ohio . Our present client base includes projects in California , Illinois , Maryland , Texas , and Pennsylvania . We are also making major inroads toward a global presence.

As a result of our success in the United States , we can now provide extensive computer services to most geographical areas through India and have opened our first international office in Hyderabad , India . Several of our US based clients have major operations in Hyderabad , Bangalore , Delhi , and other key cities. Our current offshore facilities are located in India and Singapore . We are in a very large growth mode and are always actively looking for talented information systems professionals to enhance our staff.

In a technology landslide where competition is open ended, we are set apart by our dedication, commitment, and ability to deliver. We approach every project as though it is our first with each is given the highest priority. Truth in business is as important as truth in life and we respect our clients as our business partners.

Innovative Consultants spanning over two decades of Professional Expertise providing Leading Edge Technology through technical resources covering a wide range of platforms, operating environments and packages.


  • IT Program/Project Management
  • Application Development
  • Package Implementation
  • Application Maintenance and Re-engineering
  • Enterprise Information Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Resource Augmentation
  • eLearning Solutions
  • IT Training
  • Setup Client Offshore Entity
  • Nearshore Services
  • Insourcing
  • Network Design and Support